Cathy Chen

Cathy Chen is a first-year student studying Computer Engineering in the University of Toronto.
Interested in software and website development. Proficient in C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
Currently learning website development from and participating the #100daysOfCode in Twitter.
While you are here, take a look at my recent projects.

Cathy Chen


University of Toronto

Optimization of Integration of Energy Storage Project

Project Manager

Our project is about the feasibility analysis of the integration of V2G technology. The team aimed to create a method of storing and redistributing energy to a community using EV batteries and to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels.


  • Design and maintain Gantt Chart for project development
  • Keep track of project status and meeting time
  • Set internal deadlines for major project milestones
  • Facilitate team meetings with agenda
  • Provide detailed project updates with the TA and EM

Jan 2021 - Apr 2021

Hair Unclogger Design Project

Team Leader

  • Worked within a team of students to develop a new household device to prevent the hair blockage of the shower drain.
  • Led general team meetings every week with prepared agenda and specific task lists.
  • Provided concise project updates with professors.
  • Arranged debrief meetings to reflect on previous assignments and set new goals.
  • Kept track of internal deadlines and team progress on the project.
  • Ensured the team functions and communicates properly in order to maintain a strong team working relationship.

Sep 2020 - Dec 2020